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  • Getting To Know Ooh La Loft

    If you're reading this, you're probably familiar with Ooh La Loft as a women's clothing boutique whether it be through in store purchases or our online store. But how much do you really know about your favorite store?

    Did You Know...

    Ooh La Loft was founded in 2008 in Petaluma, California: Twin sisters Cristina and Michelle Wilson started Ooh La Loft immediately after graduating from Sonoma State University. But Ooh La Loft wasn't the first business endeavor for the Wilson twins--they were able to open Ooh La Loft with the profits from a successful drive through coffee business they owned and ran in college. 

    Our original space was a 400 square foot loft--hence the name: We originally opened in downtown Petaluma in a loft on top of another business, but it only took a year for us to outgrow that space and move into our roomy location on Petaluma Blvd. North.

    We have a location in the Santa Rosa Plaza Mall: In 2013, we expanded to a second store in Santa Rosa. Our Santa Rosa location is downstairs in the Plaza Mall across from Starbucks and next to Lush, so grab a coffee and some all natural beauty products and swing by to check us out.

    Your online orders are hand fulfilled by our team: The only computerized part of our online store is the actual system you order on. After that, your order is reviewed, processed, packaged, and shipped by human hands. That way, we can offer each customer more individual care than if our entire system were automated. 

    We are launching a new brand called Ooh La Luxe: For our longtime shoppers, you may be familiar with our clothing lines Ooh La Loft brand and Olympia Elizabeth. We are planning to add a third brand to our family of original clothing lines called Ooh La Luxe! Keep your eyes peeled for updates in the next few months.

    We carry approximately 70% American made brands: As a small business, supporting the local economy is important to us! We proudly carry mostly American made clothing, in addition to carrying pieces from Sonoma County and Bay Area based artists and designers. Whether it's the county, state, or national economy, keeping it close to home is a staple of our business.

    Our Petaluma location buys your gently used clothes: On Mondays from 11-5:30, our Petaluma store does buy backs of previously loved clothing that fits our store aesthetic. We buy outright for 35% in cash or 50% in store credit. Personally, I love the store credit option because it feels like trading out my clothes and having a constantly rotating wardrobe!

    We offer free wardrobe styling--with a discount!: Have a special event coming up and wanna look fabulous? Or maybe you just need a fresh update to your look? Both of our locations happily offer wardrobe styling free of charge, by appointment. Plus, anything you buy as a result of your styling appointment will be discounted at 20% off. Need we say more?

    We are all women owned, run, and operated: Ooh La Loft has an all female team, down to our awesome accountant, Tiffany. Business has been a male dominated field as long as it has existed, but we have proudly had a business run entirely by women, for women, since our inception almost 10 years ago. 

    While Ooh La Loft has grown and expanded over the past few years, we still very much identify as a small business and want to continue to offer our customers the boutique feel no matter how big we get! Whether you're shopping in store, online, or by phone, remember that when you're shopping with Ooh La Loft, you're supporting a local business. 


    Happy Styling Ladies!


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  • if you've ever been to either Ooh La Loft location, then you know we not only have a passion for fashion, but also a flair for interior design aesthetics. We believe that part of the joy of delivering quality products is giving you some suggestions for how to use those products.

    Both of our stores have always offered home goods--most of our furniture and displays are for sale. However, we recently decided to expand our inventory of home goods to include a selection of art, furniture, and home décor, in addition to offering home styling services. That's right--now we can style your wardrobe and your house.

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